Ultimately, the product you choose will depend on a number of practical factors such as whether or not you can apply a film to your windows, whether exterior changes are acceptable to your dwelling and the type of window. Beyond that, it’s a matter of what you find esthetically pleasing.

Solar Film

During the summer, solar film can reject over 80% of the sun’s heat, cooling your home significantly.  During the winter, some films trap heat inside your home to help reduce your heating costs.

Solar film blocks out up to 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which notorious for ruining fabrics, carpets and wood.

Solar film can help to reduce annoying glare coming off reflective surfaces such as your television screen, computer monitor and framed pictures.

Solar film is a durable micro thin polyester material that is applied to the interior side of your windows. Installed professionally, it is virtually unnoticeable, providing an optically-clear, distortion-free view without yellowing, cloudiness or frosted overcast.

If a window breaks, solar film acts like a “steel curtain” to hold shattered glass in place, protecting those at your home and place of business from serious harm.

Because of its toughness, solar film also makes it harder for an intruder to break in. And most important, it protects small children from the real dangers of sliding glass doors.

Mylar Shades

Essentially the same material as solar film, only “stiffened” with additional transparent layers, Mylar shades are an alternative to the permanency of a solar film. Mylar shades are available in a variety of colour tints and densities.

Sun Screens

When adhering solar film to your windows is not the right solution for you, another option to consider is an  exterior -mounted sun screen which blocks up to 70% of the sun’s heat and light before it reaches the glass in your windows.

With exterior-mounted screens you have the option of choosing between a roll-down shade or a more “fixed” screen which is framed and mounted over your window until such time as you choose to remove it.

The actual screening material is the same for each: a strong, woven vinyl-coated fiberglassor polyester fabric which does not rust, corrode, shrink, fade or corrode.

It is also possible to use the roll-down shade on the interior of your home, however, rejection of the sun’s heat is reduced to approximately 40%.

Sun Shades

  • Light filtering
  • Room darkening
  • Plain scalloped, fringed, and laminated with your choice of fabric
  • Honeycomb shades with single, double, and triple cells.

Cellular /Honeycomb Shades

These handsome shades, available in 3/8”, 3/4”  single, double or triple cell construction, are designed in two lighting styles: the translucent shade gently filters in natural light while at the same time guarding your privacy. The “blackout” shade rejects all light, allowing you complete privacy and room darkening.

No matter which of the multitude of colours you choose, the neutral white backing will ensure a uniform look from outside.

Considering how attractive these shadings are, it’s a real bonus that they are also excellent at saving you energy costs. The distinctive pleat design traps air and acts as an insulator, keeping out summer heat and winter cold.

Phifer Shades

  • Block the sun – not the view
  • Protect against fading and sun rot
  • Reduce glare
  • Let in soft light
  • Work with windows opened or closed
  • Stop the insects-not the breeze

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